Worst Customer Service Ever

Last month I bought a couple of items from Origins in Boots and at checkout was offered a free facial for a later date. I accepted because who doesn’t want a free 20 minute facial right (even if they are just trying to get you to buy more products ) you can always say no .

So I dropped my daughter off at nursery and set off ( grabbed a cheeky McDonald’s breakfast ) however when I arrived there I was met with nobody. I even got a text reminding me of my appointment when I was there but there wasn’t anybody to be seen.

I waited for 15 minutes and left feeling rather annoyed at this point. So I wandered round and decided to have a look at Liz Earle instead who upon hearing what had happened offered me a quickie facial.

But seriously Origins pull yourselves together I love some of your products but I don’t appreciate going out of the house with no makeup and going out of my way for nothing. The perfect opportunity to sell to the general public and no text to say I’m running late or an apology disgusting.

On the plus side the woman at Lizard Earle was lovely.


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